Making an outfit in Kmart under $30

Welcome back! I set myself the challenge of going to Kmart and creating a great, wearable outfit under $30. If you aren’t in Australia, Kmart is a shop that has clothes, plants, books, toys, technology, everything. And it is all very affordable, so this challenge was really fun! I ended up with some $15 white … Continue reading Making an outfit in Kmart under $30


Celeb Fashion – Hit or Miss?!

This year so far has been a beauty for celeb outfit atrocities or absolute magnificence. HIT:  Blake Lively - An absolutely stunning gold shimmery low cut dress, with an amazing feather feature. The gold and blue colour combo is TO DIE FOR! Blake of all people can totally rock something like this. The shoulder pads … Continue reading Celeb Fashion – Hit or Miss?!