Body Shop Product Review

Hey girls!

For Christmas I received lots of different products from the Body Shop, and I have been using them all every day since.

I have been using the shower gel and exfoliating sugar scrub in the shower and they both feel amazing on my skin. They leave my skin feeling so soft, they are great. My absolute favourite product at the moment is the Body Butter. It has become my daily moisturiser ever since I got it and I absolutely love it. It is perfect because it isn’t one of those really slippery moisturisers that doesn’t even sink in to your skin, it sinks in beautifully really nourishing your skin, leaving behind a subtle glow to the skin.

I also love the hand cream, I use it every morning and have collected quite a few different scents because I love the formula so much. I love the Vanilla Chai, Mango, and Shea scents, and they all do the same amazing job of moisturising my hands before I start my day.

The ingredients are all natural and the quality of all the Body Shop’s products are amazing. They have such a range of products and the scents are amazing. I have been loving the “Frosted Berries” and “Frosted Plum” because they are nice and subtle but such a gorgeous little scent to wear, which makes it even better. They have something to suit everyone, and none of them are too strong.

I highly recommend their beautiful products, you won’t look back!



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