Night Routine

Welcome back,

Yesterday we talked about how to maintain a good morning routine, so today let’s talk NIGHT time routines! The first important thing is to set yourself a reasonable bed time for during the week. Make sure you are getting enough sleep during the week to allow yourself to make the most of each day, especially if you are at school every day.

Skincare is another very important aspect of a night time routine. Your body repairs and recovers overnight as you sleep, so giving your skin all of hydration and treatment it needs before you go to sleep is really important.

I like to cleanse my skin, and then moisturise and put on the Tarte Maracuja oil eye cream before going to sleep. This freshens up and cleans my skin ready for the next day, and reduces the chance of any breakouts or blemishes.

I also like to read or watch some Netflix before I go to sleep, which is a nice way to unwind before getting a good night’s sleep.

Before you go to sleep, put your phone on airplane mode or face down away from you to minimise distractions while you are trying to get to sleep.

-thatgirlyblog x


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