Morning Routine

Hi girls,

How you start your morning is what will determine how well your day will go. Getting into a good routine and starting off your day on the right foot is really important.

Being organised the night before is the key to a smooth start to your day. Before you go to sleep each night, take a few minutes to plan out what you have on for the next day. What are you going to wear, where you need to be, what you need to get done? By setting a brief plan, you won’t have to stress. Firstly, plan what you will have for breakfast before you get up. This will save you standing around trying to find something and wasting time. Open your curtains and window if you have one, hearing the noises from outside and getting some fresh air in will really freshen you up and motivate you to get up and start your day.

Make sure you find some time for your own leisure, go on your phone and check your Insta or Snapchat, watch an episode on Netflix, whatever you need to do to relax before you get on with your day. It is great to start off the day hydrated, have a big glass of water and get ready for the day.

Skincare is also a big part of my morning, I wear makeup every day, and I hate putting makeup on without washing and cleansing my face. This way, I feel nice and fresh and ready to go.

Develop a routine that works for you, and try your best to stick to it. This way your body will get into the routine as well and if you aren’t a morning person now, you might be after a good routine is put in place!

-thatgirlyblog x


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