Hey everyone!

This summer I’ve really settled into a routine of how I do my makeup. I have been doing the same makeup look almost every day and I thought I would share it with you all. I will talk about the products I use, but obviously you can just use whatever you have and can always achieve the same if not similar look with ANY products.

I have been wearing powder foundation, every single day. I find it stays on my skin longer, doesn’t get oily or shiny if I get hot and sweaty in this hot weather, and it feels light and looks natural on the skin. The look I have been doing is very summery and bronzey, so I have been using the Benefit Hoola bronzer, because it is a really bronzey shade and perfect for a nice summer glow of bronze. For blush, I have found that the Benefit Dandelion blush complements the bronzer beautifully, applying it just above the bronzer on the apples of my cheeks and blending back. The bronzer and blush both apply so well onto any powder foundation.

On the eyes, I have been using the orange and brown shades from one of my Tarte palettes. They are so easy to blend and build up, so I have been using some orange and brown in the crease and applying a little bit of gold or bronze shimmer onto my lid. This goes so well with the bronzer on the face.

I haven’t been wearing lipstick. I find with a nice natural bronzey look for summer, some lip gloss or lip balm to just add a slight sheen to the lips looks stunning. Nice and natural and looks gorgeous on all skin tones. Have a play with what you have and let me know what you think!



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