My favourite author

I love to read. There aren’t many books I won’t read; however, I do have one author whose books I can never put down. John Green. The first ever novel of his I read, was The Fault in Our Stars. The heart wrenching story of Hazel and Augustus, that fall in love as they both battle cancer. Hazel suffers through the death of Augustus, and there is something about the heartbreaking yet enchanting romance that keeps me reading the novel and watching the film over, and over, and over again.

I have now read many of John Green’s books, and each and every one of them are as good as the last. The Fault in Our Stars will always be my number one, however they are all fantastic. Something about John Green’s writing is just magical. The way he portrays characters, and seems to understand exactly how they feel. Not many writers can do that, and he really can pull at the readers heart strings like nobody else.

Another novel of his that I suggest you all give a read is called Turtles All The Way Down. Another one of his gripping novels that I guarantee you will not be able to put down. We all have one author that we feel we connect with, and when every book is as great as the last, you know they are the one. John Green has such talent, understanding, and writes novels about people experiencing such a range of issues, yet he seems to be able to understand them on a level where he can portray them so perfectly.

If you haven’t experienced any of his novels yet, I really suggest you do. They are so amazing, and will take you to a really special place when you read them.

Happy reading!

-thatgirlyblog x


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