Staying fit over summer

Hey everyone!

Over summer while we are taking a break from our sporting commitments and busy daily lives, it is really important to find something to keep up our fitness.

For me as a dancer, it is important for me to keep up my flexibility and endurance. I need to make sure I stretch, and practise my dances to ensure I can do my best throughout my entire dance. Whether you need to keep fit for running, netball, basketball, tennis, whatever it may be, you can always find something enjoyable to keep your fitness up.

For me, these holidays it has been swimming and stretching. I have been swimming laps of a pool for around 20-30 minutes, which works on your cardio and strength, and I have been stretching almost every day. In the holidays you aren’t expected to do something every single day, but it is important to be doing just enough so you don’t lose your fitness.

Find a buddy! Find someone that will go for a walk with you, or a run. To stretch with you, or go for a swim with you. Maybe you want to go to the gym with your bestie. It is totally up to you. Everything is always more enjoyable with a friend.

Let me know in the comments what you have done to keep fit this summer!



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