As much as I hate to say it, summer holidays only have a week or two left and school is sadly creeping up on us. So, as we make the most of our last couple of weeks of freedom for a while, it is important that we prep ourselves for back to school, so we don’t have to worry about it at the last minute.

Make sure you have your correct text books! If you have to read anything over the holidays, or buy any new books, make sure you have them now! It would really suck if instead of going out and having fun during your last week of holidays, you were running around trying to find your books and frantically read them.

Sit down and make yourself a plan! When you find a minute at home, take a few minutes to sit down with some pen and paper. Write down the days of the week, what commitments you have after school each day, whether that may be sport, work, etc. Allocate some time for your activities, and then allocate time where you will put your phone down and knuckle down for an hour or so and get some study done. Put this up on your bedroom wall so it is always there to remind you. By doing this, you will get into a routine and habit of studying every night, and you will really set yourself up to do as well as possible. When you do this though, make sure you set aside some time for YOU. Use this time to shut out school for a while and remember you are on top of things and it is important to take time for yourself. Go and catch up with some friends, pamper yourself, walk your dogs, go out and have fun. In order to succeed you need BALANCE. So, help yourself and have structure for your study, but take time out and hang with your friends and loved ones too.

If you do these things in preparation for going back to school, you are setting yourself up really well and you will definitely be starting off on the right foot. Be confident, don’t be afraid to ask questions and just do your best. Keep a balance and a plan to your study and you will be just fine.

I hope you all have a fab school year!



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