How to make sun safety look good

Welcome back girls!

During summer, even though we might not realise it, our skin can get extremely damaged from the sun. In Australia our sun is very strong, so it is in our own hands to take care of our skin because it’s all we have for our whole lives.

It might seem like a hassle to put on sunscreen before you head to the beach or go outside, but in the long run it could save your life. Skin cancer is the cancer that kills the most, so we have to take sun safety very seriously. So here are my tips on how to make sun safety a bit more attractive, and to make it slightly less of an inconvenience.

One of my favourite products to use is the Neautrogena Sheer Zinc Face DRY-TOUCH sunscreen lotion SPF 50. It is specifically for your face, and has a matte finish. A huge part of why I hate applying sunscreen is because it leaves me looking incredibly oily and shiny. With a matte finish SPF 50product, it is all you could ever want. You can buy this from any chemist or supermarket and it is very reliable and affordable.

Another great product is anything from the Bondi Sands new sun care range. They have recently released a range of sun care products. They now sell sunscreen oil, sunscreen and tan oil so it works as a tan and sunscreen so you get the best of both worlds. They are all oils so it won’t make you look like you are greasy from sunscreen, it will be a natural looking oil that will also protect you from the sun.

I recommend all of these products, especially if you hate applying sunscreen. Also, find a cute hat! These days there are so many hat options that will go well with your outfit and look super cute, and it will give you that little bit more protection from the sun.



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