3 Travel Essentials

Welcome back lovelies!

In life, travelling is where we make a lot of our most precious memories. And it is very important to know what to pack, how much to pack, and to have full confidence in knowing that you have everything you will need.

Here are my top 3 items that I find are essential when travelling:

Item 1: A good pair of headphones

When travelling on any flight, or even just in the car, no matter how long the travel time you always need music, podcasts or an ebook to listen to, to pass the time and occupy yourself. They will also help block out any noises that might distract you from sleeping or resting, which is essential when travelling, you wouldn’t want to be exhausted as soon as you get there!

Item 2: A pair of comfortable shoes

If you are sightseeing on a holiday, you will most likely be doing lots of walking. It is essential that you have comfortable footwear to last you all day without any pain, because this would take away from the special experiences you are having.

Item 3: Good snacks and drinks

On planes, especially on long flights it is important to have enough food and water. It is easy to get dehydrated on flights, so make sure you have bottles of water and nice healthy snacks to have throughout your flight. This way, you will get off the plane to your destination feeling fresh and ready to go and have an amazing trip.

I hope this helps you all! Happy holidaying this year, don’t forget these!

-thatgirlyblog x


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