Making an outfit in Kmart under $30

Welcome back!

I set myself the challenge of going to Kmart and creating a great, wearable outfit under $30. If you aren’t in Australia, Kmart is a shop that has clothes, plants, books, toys, technology, everything. And it is all very affordable, so this challenge was really fun!

I ended up with some $15 white denim shorts and a $2 top, and it looked great! They had a large range of tops, bottoms, and shoes, however $30 didn’t quite allow for shoes as well. This shows that clothing while the expensive stuff is often better quality and sometimes also more stylish, you can always find clothes that are affordable and easy to find and purchase.

Below are the items I found, this challenge was super fun so if you get bored these summer hols and want something fun to do with a friend, head to Kmart or a similar affordable store and buy an outfit for each other under $30 and get creative!

-thatgirlyblog x


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