How to survive a bad day

Welcome back everyone,

We all have bad days every now and then, and it’s really easy to get down in the dumps and stay there. It is really important that we allow ourselves to feel the emotions we need to feel, but once we have felt them, it is even more important to be able to let them go and move on. Here are my top 3 tips on surviving and getting through a rough day:

Tip 1: Write out your feelings

If you are having a bad day or something is getting you down, a great way to deal with it is getting it all down on paper. This works really well because once you have taken some time to get every single though out and written down, you can then scrunch up the paper and let it go and then work on moving forward. I definitely recommend getting rid of the paper after you have written the down, it is a great way of letting go, starting fresh and leaving it in the past.

Tip 2: Listen to music:

If you don’t have spotify already, I really encourage you to get it! It is the best music streaming app going around. It gives you the ability to search up a mood, and it will offer you a bunch of playlists and song options. For example, you can type in “sad” and it will give you multiple playlists to choose from with music that suits that certain mood. Music is such a good way to get through a rough time. It allows you to listen to a song, and really focus on the lyrics and hear a story being told by a different voice, that might help you not feel so alone.

Tip 3: Treat yourself:

Once you have taken the time to work through your emotions by using Tip 1 and 2, you need to get out of the house. Staying at home will only make you feel stuck in that sad mindset. Get out of the house and treat yourself to perhaps getting your nails done, having a massage, getting coffee with a friend, anything like this where you are pampering yourself and moving forward and doing something you love.

These three tips will help you through any tough situation or bad day. I leave this advice with you, it is in your hands to want to help yourself and take the steps to moving forward and helping yourself. Stay positive and love yourself, always.

I hope this really helps girls, with love always

-thatgirlyblog x


4 thoughts on “How to survive a bad day

  1. Libby says:

    Loved this post… I get stressed or have ‘bad’ days more often than not of late. I normally just have a cuppa & a moan to my husband2be but sometimes I feel like I’m getting on his nerves so these tips will come in very handy.
    Thank you 💕


  2. Closet Reboot says:

    Well said! I’m big on journaling, but I like your idea about throwing away the negative thoughts. I find walking outside while I listen to music or an interesting podcast helpful too. Xoxo


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