During the holidays when I have more time in the morning, I love to start my day with a nice fresh smoothie. I change it up slightly each time, but I want to tell you girls about my absolute fav smoothie recipe, so you can all start your day with a delicious smoothie as well!

Wow…how many times can I say the word in one sentence!

I have recently started using coconut water instead of milk in my smoothies and it is AMAZING. It is good for your gut health, it’s light yet will fill you up, and is so much better for you to digest! And guess what… it tastes great too.

I don’t measure how much I put in, so just put in equal amounts to suffice for how much you want to drink or how many people you will be serving.IMG_5606

What you will need:

-Chopped frozen banana

– Cocoa powder

-Coconut water


It’s that simple! I use a Thermomix to blend all of mine together, however you can use a blender or anything similar.


1: Blend the banana and ice together for around 30 secs.

2: Add cocoa powder. This will give you a nice icy, thick consistency.

3: Add your preferred amount of coconut water.

And there you have it! Enjoy your healthy and fresh smoothie!

The frozen banana will make it nice and icy and thick. This will create a delicious choc banana smoothie to start your day, and is a nutritious (minus the choc) way to start your day! Once you’ve given it a try let me know what you think in the comments! Enjoy babes!





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