My favourite makeup brands

Hey girls, let’s talk MAKEUP BRANDS!!

Over the past few years my love for makeup has grown so much, and continues to grow every day! I love experimenting with new products and new looks in my spare time, so I have tested out a fair few makeup brands now. Today I will share with you my favourite makeup brand, and products.



Tarte has recently become my absolute favourite makeup brand EVER. They use all natural ingredients that are made to nourish your precious skin, they are long lasting, incredibly wearable and beautiful and is made to suit all skin types. The standard of every single product that Tarte has is next level. There is a review coming up on an amazing Tarte pallet that I have, so stay tuned for that! I can’t get my number one favourite down to one product, so here are my top two. The Tarte Amazonian Clay full coverage airbrush foundation, and the Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara. The foundation has a revolutionary mesh powder dispenser that gives you the perfect amount of product on your brush, it is full coverage yet light, and looks amazing on the skin and will not budge. I wore this foundation for 10 hours and by the end of the day it was still looking great. The mascara is also incredible. It lengthens and lifts the lashes like never before, and they are soft and wispy to the touch. Some mascaras tend to damage your lashes and give them a clumpy, crisp look, but with this Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4in1 mascara, they are lifted, long, feminine and soft and they will stay all day! I encourage you all to jump onto the Tarte Cosmetics website or jump onto Sephora that stocks them and have a look at their unbelievably gorgeous and amazing products!



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