5 fashion rules that ALWAYS apply

Hey girls!

Today I am going to tell you about the TOP 5 fashion rules that I think ALWAYS apply. I have no doubt in my mind that when we all get ready to go out in public, we all put some level of effort in. We are all different, some love to put a whole face of makeup on every day and coordinate our outfits and be dressed up all of the time, and others might keep their appearance to a more moderate, average level, but would still put effort in.


Number one: Make sure it fits

If you go out in public, in a pair of jeans that you constantly have to pull up or a skirt that you love but is too small and you can’t even walk without it riding up, people will notice. Make sure your clothes fit you and complement your figure. If its too big or small, nobody wants to see it.

Number two: Leggings are not pants!

It’s as simple as that, leggings are not pants. Leggings go under skirts or a dress, they are not to be worn on their own. Skins or workout tights are different, and they can be worn. But leggings are a no no. They are often tight and unflattering, and are the perfect item for hanging around home for a lazy Netflix day, not going shopping.

Number three: Wear something that flatters your body type, not just what’s “in”

If you see a certain fashion trend that is going around, it does not always mean you have to go and buy it. Certain types and items of clothing suit certain people and body types. You can almost always find something that is in trend and that will complement your beautiful bodies perfectly. Never compare yourselves, your bodies or your clothes to someone else’s. Develop your own unique style, stick with what suits you and rock it! Be as out there as you want, what might be “in trend” might be different to what you like, so stand your ground and do you!

Number four: You can show cleavage and legs, just not at the same time

Every single one of you deserve to feel confident with what you wear, but do not make the mistake of showing a bit too much. I’m not saying you should all cover up, I’m just saying if your going to have the girls out, keep the length of your bottoms to a semi restricted level so it doesn’t become too much.

Number five: Match your accessories!

A lot of people forget that accessories MAKE OR BREAK an outfit. If you are wearing a black dress, maybe some nice silver jewellery will go nicely with it, it’s putting effort into thinking about these small details that makes or breaks your outfit. Especially shoes, if your shoes don’t match your amazing outfit, it will go from a ten to a solid 4.

I hope these tips have helped and all of you beautiful girls enjoyed this post!



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