Keeping your makeup in one piece over summer

Welcome to day 1 of the January 30 day challenge! I will be posting every day for the next 30 days, so sit back and let’s begin!

Throughout our long, hot summer, we always want to look our best. Most of us love to swim and go out with our friends on a beautiful hot day, which means getting wet or sweaty, and sometimes a gross mix of both. When these things happen, we want our makeup to stay in one piece and not have to worry about our mascara running or anything being ruined. The easy solution for some of you might be to simply not wear makeup, but I know a lot of you will be like me and want to wear it anyway! So here are my tips and tricks to keeping your makeup in one piece over long hot days in summer:

Most of us will share the same opinion on waterproof mascara, it’s a pain to get off and ruins your lashes. But take my word for it, throughout summer if you want to have luscious long lashes, it will be your BEST FRIEND. Waterproof mascara will stay on all day, leaving NO smudges if you are swimming, or getting sweaty, and that is key!

Matte foundation and setting powder are two other essentials. Most foundations are really good at staying on when they are wet as long as you don’t rub it off! A foundation that I can recommend that will stay matte and stay on even when you go fully underwater is the Loreal Infallible 24hr matte foundation. Setting your foundation in the morning and taking a setting or stay matte powder with you in your purse for touch ups is a perfect idea. Do not let the worry of ruining your makeup ruin your plans for a fantastic fun filled summer! Use these tips and tricks and enjoy!

Happy Summer babes!


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