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I’m sure throughout the last month most of you would have seen the exciting release of Demi Lovato’s YouTube Original, Simply Complicated. This documentary covers the amazing highs and the lowest of lows that Demi has experienced throughout her career. She shares the pain and loneliness of a breakup, dealing with depression and eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, and so much more. Explaining her struggles with mental health and addiction, really highlights that what we see online of our favourite celebs, definitely is not what their lives look like at all. Sure some of the images we see showcase the amazing times they have, like what they wore to their first ever Grammy’s, and how exciting that was for them, or a pic of the amazing party they had when they release their newest album that they’re really proud of, but it is so wrong of us to assume that their life is all sunshine and rainbows like their Instagram account, all of the time.


The film is incredibly inspiring, Demi has overcome the traumatic struggles of dealing with and overcoming drug addiction multiple times, mental health and body image issues, a manipulative step father, and just hating who she was. She lacked self confidence, and was trapped inside the mind of someone who did not believe in themselves. Pause your reading of this post right now, hop over to Demi’s Instagram and see that what she posts isn’t just of her most glammed up moments, some of her pics are definitely very glamorous, however the captions often are very long, explaining the new her, and how she is feeling on that day. She has turned into a very strong, dedicated, and empowered woman that is succeeding in every part of life now. She would still have her ups and downs, but she has found her purpose, and it shows in her music every day.

I really encourage you all to hop on over to YouTube and have a watch, you won’t regret it. It is so interesting and inspirational and you will definitely take away at least one lesson. She has definitely achieved what she was going for with this documentary, she has raised awareness of so many issues, and how she got through them, so if you can relate to any aspect of her struggles, you will find it so so useful.

Demi Lovato Documentary

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