Marriage Equality Plebiscite

Hey there lovelies!

As most of you would know, in Australia a postal vote was recently sent out to the voting population, posing the question of whether same sex marriage should be introduced in Australia. It is such a controversial topic at the moment, and everyone will have their own opinions on it as it is such a personal thing, but personally I think it is absolutely ridiculous that is has taken this long!

When same sex marriage was legalised in the US, it really hit me that I am ashamed of how “hard” it seems to be for our government and a portion of our population to understand how unfair it is to not have it legalised. I’ll use the example from the video linked below of Fiona and Ken. They have four children, one of which is gay. Each and every one of their children are beautiful and one is no less of a person than the other. Every single Australian, every single person, no matter what their sexuality, should be able to marry the person they love and spend the rest of their lives together and start a family. Marriage is a sign of commitment and love between two people, securing a future together with love, and endless support.

Australia has witnessed country after country legalise same sex marriage, and I cannot believe it has taken this long to begin the hopefully successful process of legalising. The quote “ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer” fits in well with my opinion, because seriously, the say no campaign is ridiculous and utterly disrespectful to supporters, and more importantly our LGBT community. The government has asked us all if we believe same sex marriage should be legalised, and of course there will be people who disagree with same sex marriage, but they should just legalise it and not take into account the negativity because it is simply denying people of love, and this is just not OK, it doesn’t take much to know that. The government needs to wake up and do their job. Why have they left the lengthy debate over the topic to the population? They’d have to be blind as bats to think that would work effectively. The topic should have been taken to a free vote in the House of Reps months ago, and this issue could have been resolved in a much better manner, and perhaps it wouldn’t be tearing people apart, when it should be bringing people together. Nobody should feel excluded just because of the person they happen to be in love with, legalising this would just bring us together, families together, friends together. It is so important.


Everybody deserves to find love, and offer a life long commitment to someone, male female, same sex, opposite sex, anyone! For our laws to deny anyone of that is shameful and completely unfair. If you are against same sex marriage, imagine your brother, sister, uncle, aunt, mum, dad, loved one is gay, you would want them to be happy and marry the person they love, at least i hope you would… So look in the mirror and think about what kind of person it makes you to think like that, and vote YES. Do not deny anyone of love and happiness, they are no different to you, or anyone else.

I highly recommend you all watch the video linked below:

Marriage Equality YES



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