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We all know that this year we’ve all come across our fair share of beauty trends that make us think what the heck are they thinking! But I’m not going to lie, they’ve grown on me, so let’s have a look what they are:

Faux Freckles – This trend for me personally seems pointless. I have lots of freckles, so it seems silly for people that don’t have any, to paint them on every day. And if I’m being honest, they look SO FAKE. I have no idea why you would want to paint fake freckles on your face just for the look, because let’s be real, with a face full of makeup on, your freckles don’t just show all the way through, so to put them on top of your foundation and attempt to make them look real, makes you look a little weird. Don’t get me wrong, if you do a good enough job, they can look super cute, but I say if you don’t have freckles, embrace it!

loz curtis faux freckles

Glitter roots – This is my FAVE! My favourite word and thing is Pizazz, and this is pizazz plus! There is nothing I love more that some sparkles and glitter. I think this trend and look is perfect for the festival season and goes perfectly with some braids. You can have any colour, and look super cute, but you have to be willing to put up with finding glitter here there and everywhere for a few weeks after 😉 To add to your look you could even get some more and put it on your eyes, use it as a highlighter, and put it everywhere! You can never have too much glitter!

glitter roots

Neon Eyeliner – This trend has made its way through our social media a lot this year, and depending on what colour and design you go for, it can look super funky! A lot of makeup brands sell neon coloured eyeliners now, and some of them fully glow in the dark! The trick with this product, is for it to look effective, less is more. Choose a simple eyeliner design, like maybe line a cut crease shape on your eye or just simply draw on a wing, and you’ll look fab! If you go for a complicated design, it might be too much and ruin the affect. So get your hands on one and have a crack!

neon eyeliner

Have a great week lovelies!

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