Good morning lovelies, happy Saturday!!

Coming to the back end of the year, with the weather getting warmer and the nights getting longer, it’s party season! Whether it’s planning yourself an epic birthday bash, or just a super cool get together with some friends to hang out, there are lots of things to think about to make it as enjoyable as possible! Here’s my guide to planning the perfect party:

LOCATION – Where do you think would most suit your party? Out on the deck on a warm night with a barbeque, in the park, dinner party with friends at a restaurant or at home, turn the garage into a party room, there are so many awesome options that MAKE your atmosphere at your party, depending on what you may be going for.

VIBE/ATMOSPHERE – The overall vibe and atmosphere at your party is sooooo important, and is what makes your party a huge hit or a huge bore, so, how can you make sure your atmosphere is super fun? Music, create an awesome playlist with a mix of current hits, oldies but goodies, and the classic anthems everyone will have a dance to – make sure you have a good speaker! The volume of the music really adds to it! Decorations, If you decorate your location well, people will stay longer! A cool example is, out on the deck on a summer night with some good music, decorated with fairy lights, simple but gives off an awesome vibe.

FOOD/DRINK – If you are having a themed party, it’s a great idea to put some thought into the food and drinks you will have at your party, if you are having a Mexican themed party for example, you would probably have some tacos, etc. If you are just having s relaxed party, maybe some chips, little nibbly foods that everyone will like, some pizza, soft drinks, etc. This will make everyone super interested, because who doesn’t love some good food!


Have a lovely weekend everyone, I’ll see you next week!!

-thatgirlyblog xx


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