Spring Style 2017

First of all, welcome back!

Coming into Spring here in Australia, it’s time to think about the new styles that we should be getting our hands on! You have all probably seen these new styles coming into play on your Instagram or Facebook feeds, and are probably wondering where you can buy some of these amazing new pieces of clothing. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t see a few of these styles coming, and I didn’t like them at first, however they’ve grown on me and I will definitely be giving them a whirl this season! So let’s have a look…

Floral frill flowy dresses – This is definitely a style you would’ve all seen online lately. Every online boutique is selling, and they’re hard to miss. If you scroll past one of these or see one in a shop window at the mall, I can assure you that you’ll stop and maybe even go and try one on 😉 They are so beautiful, I have one myself that is the one in the image below, from Bardot. It is so stunning, has a gorgeous open back with bows detail at the back and looks amazing on any skin tone, any dresses like these are soooo in this Spring, so I definitely suggest you take a look at this or some other dresses in this style!

spring 3

In Spring the weather starts to get warmer, the flowers blossom and it is the perfect time for swimming! So, what bathers and bikinis are in this Spring? And will they stay in for Summer too? Bandeau bikini tops and high waisted bottoms in all kinds of colours are super gorge this year! Let’s be honest, the majority of us girls fake tan on the weekly during the warmer months, but even if you have beautiful pale skin, you can definitely rock a pair of these! The colour that seems to be most popular so far is a bright yellow like the pic below. You can purchase these from pretty much any online boutique like Whitefox Boutique and Peppermayo that also sell them in a huge range of colours to suit everyone!

spring 4

Frilly skirts with graphic high neck tee – frills have made a major comeback this Spring, and what’s cuter than a frilly skirt?! You can rock a checked skirt, striped skirts, polka dot skirt, plain skirt, in any colour and tuck in a cute plain tee with a small quote or image and you’re all set! You can get these online almost anywhere, and little tops like in the pic below, you can find in most places for really cheap, as well as online! SO CUTE.

spring 2 

Dresses are a timeless piece of Spring/Summer clothing, however dresses like these in the pic below, are so cute and you’ll see them everywhere this season. Bows and tie up skirts and dresses are super cute, and the great thing about these is, it isn’t too tight, and it is super flattering on anyone. These look amazing in all colours, especially re, black and pastel colours!

spring 1

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this little Spring Style article! I’ll talk to you all on the weekend, get ready to talk PARTY PLANNING!!!

-thatgirlyblog xx


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