My fave Instagram pages

Hey everyone! Welcome to my third post this week!

What a busy week it has been, and what better way to spend a quiet Saturday night than scrolling through some great quality Insta, am I right?!

Instagram is my favourite social media app. I love it because I love photography and seeing images of the things I love. So, I thought I would share with all of you, a few of my favourite Instagram pages that I follow and check out all the time:

@ofracosmetics – I loooove this page because it is one of the best high end makeup brands out there and their pics are just fabulous. I am a huge make up fanatic so, as many of you probably would too, I love scrolling through some amazing makeup pics. I absolutely love how every single image they post is as good as the last, and they post makeup and only makeup. There is nothing worse than an Instagram page that advertises too much and posts completely unrelated things, it’s just annoying. OFRA has taken this on board and they post gorgeous makeup pics everyday! I LOVE IT, you should definitely check them out and give them a follow!


@weddingdream – like most girls, I can’t wait until the day when I can plan my wedding and choose out the perfect wedding dress! So for me it is essential to have a really good wedding Instagram page to follow. I cam across this page last year and they have beautiful images. They post everything weddings, from dream dresses, table settings, food, flower arrangements, and it is all to die for! This page is absolute heaven for ANY girl, and once you start scrolling, you won’t stop! This page is perfect for if you’re planning your wedding, or if you just have a love for the beauty of weddings. So go and give them a follow!


@please – This is a huge page on Instagram with over a million followers and is incredibly popular and well known. It is just perfect for all things girly, a bit like this blog 😉 Their posts are consistent and all posts are girly and relatable. They post quotes that we can all relate to, they post makeup pics, food pics, hair styles, and things that will make us laugh. If you ever feel down, I definitely recommend giving this page a good old stalk, I can guarantee it will cheer you up and inspire you to get up and experiment with makeup or do something fun!


@masonclayimagery – I’m an aussie girl that loves amazing scenery. This page is an aussie guy that takes phenomenal photos of the most amazing locations of Australia, focussing on the most beautiful part, my home Tassie! The pics he posts are insanely beautiful, he somehow captures these images at the most perfect time and I could look at them all day. So, if you are one for the outdoors and want some inspo for a good adventure, give him a follow and check out the amazing pics!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, get ready to talk all things girly again next week!

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