Welcome back girls!

Well, it’s that time of the year! The annual EMMY awards is done and dusted and it’s time to talk RED CARPET! Who nailed it and who failed it? Let’s find out…

I’ll save the best for last, so let’s start with the fails:

The first fail is this black and white dress, was she going for a distorted tutu kind of look? Black and white is a great colour scheme and can look fab, but only if you do it right… she is far from right. However, I think the makeup is really pretty. A pink lip goes really well with black and white, and the hairstyle really suits her, it’s such a pity her dress looks so wrong.

69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

The second fail, now normally Sophia Vergara looks absolutely stunning in everything. But something went wrong here. I hate to break it to you Sophia but it’s not a wedding… She just looks uncomfortable, and like she has to hunch over so she can breathe. Her hair is boring too. She has gorgeous long hair and should be wearing it out! She should’ve worn a less tight dress and had her hair flowing over her shoulder. Not look like a last minute bride.


Now this one has taken social media by storm…Arial, what were you thinking? I mean she achieved a new way of showing your thigh at least? If the dress was full length without the horrible slits she would’ve looked really great, but it just looks trashy. Her hair looks nice though, the whole sleek show looks good on her, but she needs to work on her dress choices.


Now for the good ones! I’m going to start with my absolute fav fav FAV! She looks absolutely stunning in this dress, it is quite simple with a feather like detail at the bottom, and long sleeves! I LOVE LONG SLEEVED DRESSES. The makeup looks beautiful, the dark lip goes with the white perfectly and there couldn’t be anything better about this look, she nailed it!


Simple and elegant is always a winner. This dress is a nice subtle colour, with nice subtle makeup and she looks wonderful. With some sparkles to make it interesting yet dainty. I love how the makeup isn’t over the top, because with a simple dress sometimes it is easy to go overboard with everything else but she has kept it all simple and looks perfect.

69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

And finally the gorgeous Lea Michelle. I have never been a purple girl, I usually really hate anything clothing related that is purple, but this amazed me. She looks so so WOW. The neckline suits her so well, the length and fullness of the dress looks amazing and the hair and makeup couldn’t be any better. It is on the verge of looking like a cellophane dress but she has stayed on the good side of that line and I think she nailed it.

69th Emmy Awards 2017 Arrivals

Let me know what you girlies think and what was your favourite in the comments!

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I’ll talk to you all on the weekend, let’s talk my favourite INSTAGRAM pages!



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