Welcome back girls!

I’ve been dying to do a post about this since last Thursday night…let me just say it was INTENSE!

I’ve watched The Bachelor for years, but this season has been by far the best. I loved Matty in the season of The Bachelorette last year, and was so keen for him to be the bach this year! I will admit, Tara’s departure from the show left me heartbroken and shocked, I was so set on her winning and she was just beautiful and soooo funny. However in the end I am happy Laura won, she is gorgeous and they look so so happy together. Seeing them at the end, and how surprised she was that she won, because she claimed that she was so prepared to get let down, warmed my heart.

How brave are all 28 girls though! I mean signing up for a show like that, sharing your most personal feelings with the whole nation, knowing your chances at actually getting the guy are pretty minimal, that’s pretty brave if you ask me, so all of the girls should be soooo proud.


Gorgeous couple!!

Leave a comment below and tell me your thoughts!

I have some exciting posts coming this week!

This is the first of THREE posts this week, with the next being on the fashion of this years much anticipated EMMY AWARDS FASHION!

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