Welcome back girls!

Over the past year or two, YouTube has become my favourite online site! I have a few YouTubers that I adore and feel so close to, and the majority are beauty YouTubers. So today I am going to tell you my top 3, and why! Make sure you go and check out their videos!!

  1. Michael Finch – if you don’t know who I am talking about, stop reading for sec and go and check him out! He is my all time fav and through following him on YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat, I feel like we are best friends! His videos are absolutely hilarious, and so is he! I mean, if you haven’t heard anyone saying “ThankQ” , “Not a Problem” or “CYA” within the last few months, you’re probably living under a rock ;). Go give him a subscribe and a follow, because he is fabulous and you will fall in love. His makeup tutorials are to die forrrr, and he is just stunning! He throws in the odd fun non makeup video with his gorgeous friends every now and then and he never gets boring!

michael finch

2. Chloe Morello – First of all, Chloe is so sweet and funny you won’t regret subscribing! Her makeup ideas and looks are very sophisticated and innovative, and she always tries new ideas and new products! She shares lie updates as she does her makeup, and she has some great jokes! Most of the time she keeps her videos under 10 mins which is short and sweet for a makeup tut, but it is worth every second. She has worked with many big makeup brands like Revlon and Ciate London and created some amazing collaboration products! Highly recommend her channel!

chloe morello

3. Lauren Curtis – The beautiful Lauren Curtis has always been one of my fav beauty YouTubers. I follow her on Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube and she is so down to earth. Being a beauty influencer it is easy to fall into the trap of becoming self absorbed. She has all the makeup any girl could ever ever dream of and more, she gets sent PR packages with products we could only dream of purchasing from amazing brads, every week yet she remains beautiful and genuine and gives away the majority of that makeup. She does the odd non makeup videos and tries new looks all the time, and she is so funny and great to watch! ❤


Thanks for another week of amazing support as my blog continues to grow! I have reached 10 posts, and I am absolutely loving it, thanks for everything you girls!

Happy Friday, see you next week x





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