On the 22nd of January, To the Bone was first released. It is a Netflix Original film that has taken the world by storm, that is the story of a young girl named Ellen played by Lily Collins, who deals with the intense struggles of body image and severe anorexia.

The film shares the ups and downs of Ellen’s journey, highlighting the relationships she has and how they change over time through her treatments. The film also showcases how anorexia doesn’t just effect just the person suffering, it can cause family trauma and can dramatically effect relationships.

The film doesn’t glamorise anorexia, it educates us on the dangerous afflictions of eating disorders and is incredibly informative. Marti Noxon, the director of the film who has also experienced eating disorders herself, has portrayed the film perfectly. In the sense that he has used humour throughout the film, yet still effectively sharing important messages with the viewers. Baring in mind that lead actress Lily Collins had lived through her own personal struggles with body image and eating disorders, which has a huge impact on her role and how well she shares her journey with the viewer. to the bone cover

The film captures just how terrifying it is to live with anorexia, and the ups and downs of getting better when you don’t want to. In the film Ellen has tried many treatment centres, but has had no success because she didn’t have any will to get better. Capturing this message is so important for viewers, because it shares the idea that the stigma around eating disorders that they can “just get better” or are “attention seeking” is ridiculous and needs to be broken.

The film is enlightening and the 1hr 47min is time well spent, and it will leave you feeling educated and with a new found perspective and understanding on eating disorders. I highly recommend the film to absolutely anyone, you can never be too educated on important topics like this, and it is so important in society today to understand issues like these!

Happy viewing, please watch!




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