We all know that wearing a jumpsuit can either be an amazing fashion statement or a huge hell to the no. It’s one of the fashion rules every girl should know, so here is my guide to rocking a jumpsuit…


If you are going to wear a jumpsuit to an event, there’s no questioning it… you’ll make a statement! If you want that statement to be a good one, your jumpsuit has to fit! It is often difficult to find jumpsuits that fit 100% because everyone’s legs and torsos are different lengths. A jumpsuit that cinches in at the waist is always flattering, and it means that the pants of the jumpsuit can be slightly pulled up if they are too long. Take time and care when choosing out a jumpsuit and choose one that fits perfectly and works with your body shape.


Because jumpsuits are long pants, it is easy for you to think that the shoes don’t matter, but I’m telling you THEY DO! Jumpsuits, no matter how tall you are give the appearance of beautiful long legs, and every pair of beautiful long legs need a beautiful pair of heels. Always wear plain heels with a jumpsuit, your outfit is already making a statement so don’t take away from it with the shoes. Depending on the colour of your jumpsuit, I would always pair it with some glossy stilettos, nude or black to keep it subtle and classy.


When I say this is my guide to rocking a jumpsuit, I mean really ROCKING  jumpsuit. You simply cannot rock a jumpsuit without a little PIZZAZ. A plain jumpsuit without any pattern is the way to go, so you can go to town with the accessories and show some pizzazz. Get some bling, go all out with necklaces, earrings, bracelets, keep them stylish by keeping them all the same colour and same style. For example if I was wearing a plain black jumpsuit, I would wear some nude or black stilettos and silver or gold jewellery to add some class. What’s a party outfit without pizzazz anyway?!

By following these steps, ensuring your jumpsuit fits you well, your shoes complement it perfectly and you have some pizzazz about you, you and your jumpsuit will be the talk of the town!

Here is my fave example of Chrissy Teigan rocking a jumpsuit to the max!

chrissy teigan jumpsuit

Stay posted for more posts this week!



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