The Handmaid’s Tale

Review time!!

Recently SBS aired the first season of The Handmaid’s Tale. Can I just say, I COULDN’T GET ENOUGH!! I spent most of the last week of school holidays binge watching because I was left wanting more after every episode! It is the story of a young woman who is separated from her husband and young daughter in an attempt at escaping a totalitarian society that used to be the United States. She is taken away from her family and placed into the society of “Giliad”. She is forced to become a handmaid for the Waterford family, and it is a tale of what her life is truly like in her situation. It takes you through some of her terrifying encounters, that will leave you shocked and thankful none of us live in such a society. It is a gripping tale, with a lot of drama and will leave you wanting more and more!

There is a Season 2 coming, but a date is yet to be released. I highly recommend everyone gives season 1 a go, on SBS!

Happy viewing!




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