Celeb Fashion – Hit or Miss?!

This year so far has been a beauty for celeb outfit atrocities or absolute magnificence.


  • Blake Lively – An absolutely stunning gold shimmery low cut dress, with an amazing feather feature. The gold and blue colour combo is TO DIE FOR! Blake of all people can totally rock something like this. The shoulder pads give it so much class, and to top it off, a slick ponytail. When wearing something bold like blue feathers and making an impact, you need to have simple, natural makeup to make sure it doesn’t take away from the feature of the dress, and this is exactly what Blake has achieved with this look. Her stylist deserves an award for this whole package, it is absolutely stunning. 11/10!
  • blake-lively-ap
  • Lily Collins – This dusty pink extremely elegant dress Lily Collins wore is phenomenal. She made a statement by wearing a subtle colour and looks simply divine. She embraced her fair skin and dark hair and looked like an absolute queen. The details of the appliqué are simple yet effective and she looks stunning. She paired a dark red lip which made everything pop, honestly there isn’t much wrong with it! This is an absolute HIT of an outfit!! 10/10here-were-the-41-best-dressed-stars-at-the-2017-golden-globes

Now for the Misses:

  • Emma Stone – Emma, were you trying on a jumpsuit as well and forgot to take off the pants? This is a huge miss, I mean, half dress half pants?! The cut of the dress is too low and an awkward neck line. If you are going to wear gold and silver, you have to rock it like nobody’s seen before, Emma did not. Her hair is boring, just slicked back and out and the makeup side of things are slightly lacking. If the pant looking things weren’t hanging around there underneath it wouldn’t have been so bad, but it’s a huge miss if you ask me! 4/10
  • Emma Stone
  • Rhianna – Someone tell me where to start, what is this supposed to me? It looks like Grandma’s curtains cut into weird shapes and stuck in weird places. It had the potential to be a really amazing and different piece, but it is so full and in your face it is near impossible to know what to look! The choice of shoes is all kinds of wrong, did they have to go all the way up her leg like that just to add to the “too much going on” pile of this outfit? Overboard with the blush, overboard with the dress and overboard with the shoes, a solid 5/10, MISS.2069187e26c310ebddc1623a828f2af7--kimono-red-carpets

Stay tuned for more posts next week!



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