ASHY BINES – Clean Treats

untitledIMG_4422[1]ASHY BINES – Clean Treats

I’ve been following Ashy Bines for just over a year now, and recently decided it was time to try out some of her Clean Treats. I find the concept pretty amazing, who wouldn’t love some healthy bite sized balls, flavoured of your favourite treat, but it is healthy! Ashy has hit the nail on the head with this idea, and they really are exactly what they’re said to be.

There are so many flavours to choose from! If you’re a chocolate lover, there are multiple chocolate flavours, if you love caramel, lemon, peanut butter, coffee, there is something for everyone!

I personally am a chocoholic, so I went with the Chocolate Choc Chip flavour. I was slightly sceptical to begin with, but I will definitely be ordering more! They taste absolutely amazing, and they’re good for me. I am so keen to try out some more flavours soon and share it with everyone. In terms of pricing, it’s perfect. You make between 8-12 balls depending on size, and each packet is only $14.95.

I definitely recommend Clean Treats, they’re cost effective and a really awesome alternative to having a few pieces of chocolate, or what ever your favourite treat may be!

Happy clean eating!

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